Bonnie Gail Carter Poem

Here are pictures of my sisters.

Sister Martha and Husband
This is Me With Two of My Nieces.
1903015_562325200537751_654861347313614309_n.jpg Goetz Family 2015
My Sister, Martha, husband and Some of My Nieces, Nephew, Great Niece, and Great Nephew.
11140302_562329310537340_8034290168017343751_n.jpg Goetz Family 2015
My Sister Martha, husband, and Family Acting Goofy.
My Little Sister, Martha
My Sister Mary and husband with my niece
unnamed.png logo1
This is to Say Thank You For Giving Me a Great Family.
My Sister, Mary, and husband Acting Goofy With Play Guns on Christmas 2014.
My Big Sister Lynne and my niece
Jamie 1
My Sister Martha with husband  my niece at Her Wedding.

They are who this poem is all about.


I have wonderful sisters.

We laugh, we love, and we care.

We have memories we all can share.

Sometimes we disagree but the love is still there.

The photographs that flash through my mind

can only be described as one of a kind.

They’ll always be there, even if I go blind.

Better sisters, I could not find.

Each sister has their special ways

that communicate in a way that stays.

They each bring me sunny days.

I feel the warmth of their love.

It’s just like the sound of Turtle Doves.

It reminds me of God’s Love.

By Bonnie Gail Carter. Copyright.


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