Sunrise: Our Flag Still Waves

The American Flag Stands For Many.

It Stands For Integrity.

It Stands For Freedom.

It Stands For Protection of Other’s Rights

To Have Freedom of Religion.

Christianity Comes at a High Cost For Many.

God Help Those Who Serve

To Stand Firm And 

Stay Strong to Keep Terrorists Away.

You Will Never Be Forgotten.

You Are All Heroes To Me.

An Original Poem by Bonnie Gail Carter. Copyright.






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My Happily Ever After


I’ll Never Say Goodbye


I lived to Love you

so now that you’re gone

what do I do?

I listen to love songs wishing you was here.

My emotions are so real.

Why can’t I touch you

when I feel like you are here.

I still love you so much and I long for your touch.

I can feel you put your arm around me.

You give me a gentle hug

just to tell me I’m still your Love.

Time has separated us for now.

Each day that goes by I feel closer to you somehow.

No, I’ll never say goodbye

because my love for you is so high.

All I do is cry and and ask God why.

Why am I still in this world

knowing you are still beside me.

I know you’re here and that’s what makes it so hard, Dear.

My hand can’t feel you holding it,

My lips can’t feel your gentle kiss and

at bedtime there is no more Goodnight Sweetheart.

I loved you the most because of your gentle tenderness.

You had the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever known.

That’s why my love for everyone has grown.

You gave me something I’d never known.

You gave me True Love and for that I thank God above.

I sure do miss the sound of Turtle Doves.


An Original Bonnie Gail Carter Poem. Copyright.



Thank You:Poem by Bonnie Gail Carter

psalms-3418-1-638 (1)Thank You

Father God thank you for each day.

Thank you for happiness and fun along the way.

Life hasn’t been easy since Donnie passed away.

My tears are frozen to my cheeks because in the 

 cold weather I do speak.

Without Donnie I don’t feel whole or complete.

I want to give up because I’m feeling weak.

The strength I have comes from you Darling.

 It comes from way down deep.


by Bonnie Gail Carter. Copyright.

Wind Song

DSCN0025 (1)

Wind Song

Hear the distinctive sound of a Harley

Just gaze upon it’s beauty.

Feel the wind blowing through your hair.

It’s a Wind Song

that only the chosen can feel and hear.

By riding solo, the intensity of freedom

encompasses your very being.

By riding in groups the brotherhood emerges

and an all-powerful feeling emerges

and an all – powerful feeling surges.

Some are born to ride.

Few realize it’s full glory.

I’m destined to ride to the Wind Song

because I chose a Harley Davidson.


by Bonnie Gail Carter