My Happily Ever After


I’ll Never Say Goodbye


I lived to Love you

so now that you’re gone

what do I do?

I listen to love songs wishing you was here.

My emotions are so real.

Why can’t I touch you

when I feel like you are here.

I still love you so much and I long for your touch.

I can feel you put your arm around me.

You give me a gentle hug

just to tell me I’m still your Love.

Time has separated us for now.

Each day that goes by I feel closer to you somehow.

No, I’ll never say goodbye

because my love for you is so high.

All I do is cry and and ask God why.

Why am I still in this world

knowing you are still beside me.

I know you’re here and that’s what makes it so hard, Dear.

My hand can’t feel you holding it,

My lips can’t feel your gentle kiss and

at bedtime there is no more Goodnight Sweetheart.

I loved you the most because of your gentle tenderness.

You had the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever known.

That’s why my love for everyone has grown.

You gave me something I’d never known.

You gave me True Love and for that I thank God above.

I sure do miss the sound of Turtle Doves.


An Original Bonnie Gail Carter Poem. Copyright.




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