The color purple makes me smile.

I’d walk an extra mile just to see you for a while.

Does Heaven have a phone number I can dial?

Half of my heart is with you 

and the other half is broken in two.

I want to tell you to come and get me now.

It doesn’t matter how.

I have to die somehow.

The pain is deep down in my soul.

I need you to feel whole.

This world is so cold.

The end times will unfold.

It’s happening now, I’ve been told.

I know the streets are made of gold.

It’s really something to behold.

I’ve seen it in my dreams.

You’ve been gone for a century, it seems.

I watch the birds fly.

I wonder if that’s how your soul feels after you die.

Every night I pick out the brightest star.

It makes me think that’s where you are.

Perhaps the twinkle is you winking from afar.

I ask God to please take me where you are.

I might have to wait for a while but when I see you I’ll

have the biggest smile.



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