Dancing Tulips

Dancing Tulips

The Tulips are dancing in the cool summer breeze.

Would you hold me and dance with me, please?

The photographs of us are like a slideshow on a screen.

We dance in my mind like we were teens.

We have matured just like the tulips have bloomed.

Our like-minded thoughts are perfectly in tune.

Our eyes meet and they dance with laughter

as we remember all of the love that remains after.

We get older as each tulip petal falls to the ground.

It doesn’t even make a sound.

We are like the tulips in the fall of their life.

I’m so grateful to be called your wife.

As the last petal falls to the ground,

I’ll say I love you and I’m so glad you’ve been around.

by Bonnie Gail Carter. The Chill Turned Warm. Copyright

The Photo on the top is the photo on the cover of my book. It’s one of my own photographs.


Find The Smile In Your Eyes

Find The Smile In Your Eyes

My heart is heavy, burdened

because he closed the curtain on us.

It was the last act on the play on trust.

I don’t want to carry on, but I must.

It’s not my time to turn to dust.

My eyes are leaking and turning to rust.

Carry on and move forward, thrust.

Find the smile in your eyes

because you must.

Don’t let bitterness

turn into hardened crust.

by Bonnie Gail Carter. The Chill Turned Warm. Copyright 

Timelapse Sky Photography: Beauty of Nature

Two Different Nature Videos to Watch Below. The second one mentions verses from the Bible. The first one doesn’t.



My Prayers Are Heard

My Prayers Are Heard


When I couldn’t see beyond this world,

when I was falling down the black hole,

I called out your name and you came.

You are greater than any black crater.

The depth of your love and grace fills my soul.

You pulled me right out of that black hole.

Your mercy abounds and your armor surrounds me.

My prayers are heard.

Thank God for the word.

By Bonnie Gail Carter. Published in my book of poems Titled The Chill Turned Warm.

I’m Drowning In My Tears

I’m Drowning In My Tears: Poem by Bonnie Gail Carter. Click on https://youtu.be//UTzTXU8Efpg/  As you can tell by the Title of My Poem it’s sad but true. I’m going through the grieving process from the loss of My Companion and best friend last June 2015. Donnie Townsend was a musician, therefor I created the Channel for his music. Donnie is still the Love of My Life.18309919259_86728e2b2e_c

Why Do I Have To Say Goodbye?

18309919259_86728e2b2e_cWhy Do I Have To Say Goodbye? A Poem by Bonnie Gail Carter written to Donnie Townsend at https://youtu.be/CquYQXADnqs/

You’ll have to turn the volume up because I don’t have speakers or a mic. I simply don’t have the money to get them. I hope you like my poems.




I never thought this day would come without you my Love. It came so suddenly and so soon. I’m sending you butterfly kisses and wishes to fly to the moon. Meet me there at midnight so I can hug you so tight and wish upon the stars in the moon light. I want to gaze upon your face and sail on the lake of tears that have flowed in the moons beautiful glow. I want to put my hands on your face and to say those three lovely words we both long to hear after being separated for almost a year. Sail me to the moon so I can be closer to you. The angel dust will stick to me like glue so when I awake I’ll know it all was true. I can see your kiss upon my lips because they sparkle like glitter. I’ve never been a quitter except when it comes to the heartache I feel for you. It’s real cold outside here in the winter. The white snow reminds me of your beautiful hair. Life has never been fair. The wind will pick me up and knock me down out there. So far I’ve gotten back up and keep on trying. What I really want to do is be able to see you by flying through the purple haze and the purple rain to see you again. Being here without you I step in puddles created by tears I’ve shed. I should thank God I’m alive instead but I feel like my heart stopped beating the moment you died. I’m just taking up space in an empty place. I’m all alone in a place I call home but without you all I have is a phone. The world is talking about drones. I’m afraid there’s going to be war here on our soil. Whisper in God’s ear to teach leaders to make peace. I want the killing to stop. If only they knew the kind of love we had that grew. You’re going to be my true Love that so few truly find, My Valentine.


An Original Poem by Bonnie Gail Carter. Copyright.






The color purple makes me smile.

I’d walk an extra mile just to see you for a while.

Does Heaven have a phone number I can dial?

Half of my heart is with you 

and the other half is broken in two.

I want to tell you to come and get me now.

It doesn’t matter how.

I have to die somehow.

The pain is deep down in my soul.

I need you to feel whole.

This world is so cold.

The end times will unfold.

It’s happening now, I’ve been told.

I know the streets are made of gold.

It’s really something to behold.

I’ve seen it in my dreams.

You’ve been gone for a century, it seems.

I watch the birds fly.

I wonder if that’s how your soul feels after you die.

Every night I pick out the brightest star.

It makes me think that’s where you are.

Perhaps the twinkle is you winking from afar.

I ask God to please take me where you are.

I might have to wait for a while but when I see you I’ll

have the biggest smile.



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