Dancing Tulips

Dancing Tulips

The Tulips are dancing in the cool summer breeze.

Would you hold me and dance with me, please?

The photographs of us are like a slideshow on a screen.

We dance in my mind like we were teens.

We have matured just like the tulips have bloomed.

Our like-minded thoughts are perfectly in tune.

Our eyes meet and they dance with laughter

as we remember all of the love that remains after.

We get older as each tulip petal falls to the ground.

It doesn’t even make a sound.

We are like the tulips in the fall of their life.

I’m so grateful to be called your wife.

As the last petal falls to the ground,

I’ll say I love you and I’m so glad you’ve been around.

by Bonnie Gail Carter. The Chill Turned Warm. Copyright

The Photo on the top is the photo on the cover of my book. It’s one of my own photographs.


Find The Smile In Your Eyes

Find The Smile In Your Eyes

My heart is heavy, burdened

because he closed the curtain on us.

It was the last act on the play on trust.

I don’t want to carry on, but I must.

It’s not my time to turn to dust.

My eyes are leaking and turning to rust.

Carry on and move forward, thrust.

Find the smile in your eyes

because you must.

Don’t let bitterness

turn into hardened crust.

by Bonnie Gail Carter. The Chill Turned Warm. Copyright 

My Prayers Are Heard

My Prayers Are Heard


When I couldn’t see beyond this world,

when I was falling down the black hole,

I called out your name and you came.

You are greater than any black crater.

The depth of your love and grace fills my soul.

You pulled me right out of that black hole.

Your mercy abounds and your armor surrounds me.

My prayers are heard.

Thank God for the word.

By Bonnie Gail Carter. Published in my book of poems Titled The Chill Turned Warm.

Wind Song

DSCN0025 (1)

Wind Song

Hear the distinctive sound of a Harley

Just gaze upon it’s beauty.

Feel the wind blowing through your hair.

It’s a Wind Song

that only the chosen can feel and hear.

By riding solo, the intensity of freedom

encompasses your very being.

By riding in groups the brotherhood emerges

and an all-powerful feeling emerges

and an all – powerful feeling surges.

Some are born to ride.

Few realize it’s full glory.

I’m destined to ride to the Wind Song

because I chose a Harley Davidson.


by Bonnie Gail Carter



A Poem by Bonnie Gail Carter

Where Are The Human Beings?

They just don’t see with their heart.

Somehow the center has been cut out.

An oil well pumping crude oil.

A black, cold, wet pit they understand.

A fat bank account is what matters.

Their hearts are black holes pumping crude oil.

They are all for outdoing each other

with all their money can buy.

When money springs, corruption sings.

My eyes see these things.

Where are the human beings?

by Bonnie Gail Carter

This poem is in my book of poems at createspace and the Kindle Book is at

Amazon.com and Barnes & Nobel.


All proceeds from the book is going toward my goal to

Help The Forgotten Children in an Orphanage here in the US.

I was one of them!

Thank you for your support.

Bonnie Gail Carter Poem

Here are pictures of my sisters.

Sister Martha and Husband
This is Me With Two of My Nieces.
1903015_562325200537751_654861347313614309_n.jpg Goetz Family 2015
My Sister, Martha, husband and Some of My Nieces, Nephew, Great Niece, and Great Nephew.
11140302_562329310537340_8034290168017343751_n.jpg Goetz Family 2015
My Sister Martha, husband, and Family Acting Goofy.
My Little Sister, Martha
My Sister Mary and husband with my niece
unnamed.png logo1
This is to Say Thank You For Giving Me a Great Family.
My Sister, Mary, and husband Acting Goofy With Play Guns on Christmas 2014.
My Big Sister Lynne and my niece
Jamie 1
My Sister Martha with husband  my niece at Her Wedding.

They are who this poem is all about.


I have wonderful sisters.

We laugh, we love, and we care.

We have memories we all can share.

Sometimes we disagree but the love is still there.

The photographs that flash through my mind

can only be described as one of a kind.

They’ll always be there, even if I go blind.

Better sisters, I could not find.

Each sister has their special ways

that communicate in a way that stays.

They each bring me sunny days.

I feel the warmth of their love.

It’s just like the sound of Turtle Doves.

It reminds me of God’s Love.

By Bonnie Gail Carter. Copyright.

Bonnie Gail Carter Photos. Copyright.

dscn6568 Lake Bruce - Copy - Copy
Bonnie Gail Carter Photos. Copyright.

DSCN9264 - CopyDSCN9297 - CopyDSCN9276 - CopyDSCN9287 - CopyDSCN9927 (2)DSCN9914 (2)DSCN9584 - Copya-poem-1-638dancing-tulips-1-638-1dscn6441 Lake Bruce

The Chill Turned Warm by Bonnie Gail Carter

The Poem The Chill Turned Warm


The Chill Turned Warm The Chill Turned Warm


Place your hate in the pantry on the shelf.

Label it “memories of years gone by” and store it.

Remove the wine saved by time.

Dust the bottle until it looks new.

The color is brighter and the taste was worth the wait.

The bitter was replaced with a taste to savor.

On the shelf you will find the love stored all this time.

Label the empty space “filled with happiness.”

Close the door.

The chill turned warm.

My new collection of poetry is titled: The Chill Turned Warm. It is available at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PB62T0C/ and

https://www.createspace.com/5083547 and at Barnes & Nobel in paperback or Kindle Book format.

Thank you all,


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The price of The Chill Turned Warm has been Cut in Half at https://www.createspace.com/5083547 All proceeds goes toward helping The Forgotten Children in an orphanage.


Your eyes sparkle when you tell me you love me.

Your touch is so gentle and sweet.

Your kiss melts my heart.

You are the only one I call my sweetheart.

I like to retreat into your arms.

It makes me feel safe from harm.

I love it when you play your guitar

and sing songs about us.

You make me feel special

because you are a special kind of guy.

I love you and that is why

I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

I want to hold hands with you on walks in the park

where we can kiss in the dark.

It creates a spark in the air wherever we are.

Our love is special and so are you.


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Wonder Why

I Really Do Wonder Why.


Pick yourself up

reach for the stars

treat your scars

by reaching for the stars.

Look at the clouds in the sky.

Think on other things

like homelessness and hunger.

Think on things that make you wonder.

Put your mind asunder.

Pick yourself up

reach for the stars

treat your scars

by reaching for the stars.

Wipe the tears from your eyes.

Look at the clouds in the sky

and wonder why

there are people who need clean water to drink.

They don’t even have a sink.

Their clothes are worn and tattered.

Their family is scattered

searching for a way to make life better.

Pick yourself up

reach for the stars

treat your scars

by reaching for the stars.

Wipe the tears from their eyes

by treating their thirst and hunger.

Look at the clouds in the sky

and wonder why

you don’t hear their cry.

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