I’m Drowning In My Tears

I’m Drowning In My Tears: Poem by Bonnie Gail Carter. Click on https://youtu.be//UTzTXU8Efpg/  As you can tell by the Title of My Poem it’s sad but true. I’m going through the grieving process from the loss of My Companion and best friend last June 2015. Donnie Townsend was a musician, therefor I created the Channel for his music. Donnie is still the Love of My Life.18309919259_86728e2b2e_c


Why Do I Have To Say Goodbye?

18309919259_86728e2b2e_cWhy Do I Have To Say Goodbye? A Poem by Bonnie Gail Carter written to Donnie Townsend at https://youtu.be/CquYQXADnqs/

You’ll have to turn the volume up because I don’t have speakers or a mic. I simply don’t have the money to get them. I hope you like my poems.





https://youtu.be/KLHPS8AeV8U/ click on this link.

Check out my playlists at youtube.com/c/BonnieGailCarterDonnie/

The main purpose for the channel is for Donnie Townsend Music. Donnie passed away on June 12, 2015 and he is Greatly Loved and Missed by me.

Beauty And Graceful

I recorded this Miss Doe video on my camera in the summer of 2015.

It’s on my youtube channel at youtube.com/c/BonnieGailCarterDonnie/

The channel was created for my long time companion’s music. Donnie

Townsend passed away on June 12, 2015 but I still share his music. A lot

of the time I have to mute it because hearing him singing his songs makes

me cry. He is Greatly Loved and Missed by me. Bonnie Gail Carter


The Best of Donnie Townsend

My Love:Donnie Townsend with Songs by Bobby McIntry

Bonnie Gail Carter Photos and Donnie Townsend Photos. Copyright.


Donnie Townsend Wrote All Of His Songs Without Writing The Lyrics Down On Paper Or in His Computer. He Only Wrote 16 Titles Down and Started Singing! He Was Amazing!

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At https://youtube.com/c/BonnieGailCarterDonnie/