Find The Smile In Your Eyes

Find The Smile In Your Eyes

My heart is heavy, burdened

because he closed the curtain on us.

It was the last act on the play on trust.

I don’t want to carry on, but I must.

It’s not my time to turn to dust.

My eyes are leaking and turning to rust.

Carry on and move forward, thrust.

Find the smile in your eyes

because you must.

Don’t let bitterness

turn into hardened crust.

by Bonnie Gail Carter. The Chill Turned Warm. Copyright 


The Chill Turned Warm by Bonnie Gail Carter

The Poem The Chill Turned Warm


The Chill Turned Warm The Chill Turned Warm


Place your hate in the pantry on the shelf.

Label it “memories of years gone by” and store it.

Remove the wine saved by time.

Dust the bottle until it looks new.

The color is brighter and the taste was worth the wait.

The bitter was replaced with a taste to savor.

On the shelf you will find the love stored all this time.

Label the empty space “filled with happiness.”

Close the door.

The chill turned warm.

My new collection of poetry is titled: The Chill Turned Warm. It is available at and and at Barnes & Nobel in paperback or Kindle Book format.

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Cut The Price of The Chill Turned Warm in Half to Help The Forgotten Children

At createspace I spoke to my angel for the day named Ellie. She informed me that I could lower the price of The Chill Turned Warm. I cut the price of my book in half but it will take 3 days to the new price of $5.77 instead of $12. something.

I said that’s okay with me because I want to help the children in an orphanage to get something they need. I was thinking maybe, counseling,  a laptop or a tablet. I don’t know for sure yet. I’ll have to speak to the head of the orphanage I choose to help. If there is one here in Missouri then I’ll help here since I live here and can possibly go there to see the children and take photos. I love taking pictures. I’ll post the photos here if I get to see the children I fully intend to help. I don’t have a car and I haven’t driven for ten years so it depends on how far away it is.

Go to  to get the paperback for $5.77 and the Kindle book is at

The good news is that my book is going to be more affordable for people like you to purchase it to help the children. Isn’t that great news?

Thank you for your support. Just think about the smiles we’ll get from the children.

Donnie Townsend wrote a song called Little Girl in the Orphanage after reading two poems in my book. Listen to his song here:  and check out the 200 songs he wrote at

Donnie was my companion and best friend. He passed away on June 12, 2015 and he is greatly missed. Donnie only had one tenth of his heart functioning and congestive heart failure, and three heart attacks but he had the biggest heart of anyone I ever knew. Donnie and Bonnie Forever.