I never thought this day would come without you my Love. It came so suddenly and so soon. I’m sending you butterfly kisses and wishes to fly to the moon. Meet me there at midnight so I can hug you so tight and wish upon the stars in the moon light. I want to gaze upon your face and sail on the lake of tears that have flowed in the moons beautiful glow. I want to put my hands on your face and to say those three lovely words we both long to hear after being separated for almost a year. Sail me to the moon so I can be closer to you. The angel dust will stick to me like glue so when I awake I’ll know it all was true. I can see your kiss upon my lips because they sparkle like glitter. I’ve never been a quitter except when it comes to the heartache I feel for you. It’s real cold outside here in the winter. The white snow reminds me of your beautiful hair. Life has never been fair. The wind will pick me up and knock me down out there. So far I’ve gotten back up and keep on trying. What I really want to do is be able to see you by flying through the purple haze and the purple rain to see you again. Being here without you I step in puddles created by tears I’ve shed. I should thank God I’m alive instead but I feel like my heart stopped beating the moment you died. I’m just taking up space in an empty place. I’m all alone in a place I call home but without you all I have is a phone. The world is talking about drones. I’m afraid there’s going to be war here on our soil. Whisper in God’s ear to teach leaders to make peace. I want the killing to stop. If only they knew the kind of love we had that grew. You’re going to be my true Love that so few truly find, My Valentine.


An Original Poem by Bonnie Gail Carter. Copyright.