I’m Drowning In My Tears

I’m Drowning In My Tears: Poem by Bonnie Gail Carter. Click on https://youtu.be//UTzTXU8Efpg/  As you can tell by the Title of My Poem it’s sad but true. I’m going through the grieving process from the loss of My Companion and best friend last June 2015. Donnie Townsend was a musician, therefor I created the Channel for his music. Donnie is still the Love of My Life.18309919259_86728e2b2e_c


Why Do I Have To Say Goodbye?

18309919259_86728e2b2e_cWhy Do I Have To Say Goodbye? A Poem by Bonnie Gail Carter written to Donnie Townsend at https://youtu.be/CquYQXADnqs/

You’ll have to turn the volume up because I don’t have speakers or a mic. I simply don’t have the money to get them. I hope you like my poems.



The color purple makes me smile.

I’d walk an extra mile just to see you for a while.

Does Heaven have a phone number I can dial?

Half of my heart is with you 

and the other half is broken in two.

I want to tell you to come and get me now.

It doesn’t matter how.

I have to die somehow.

The pain is deep down in my soul.

I need you to feel whole.

This world is so cold.

The end times will unfold.

It’s happening now, I’ve been told.

I know the streets are made of gold.

It’s really something to behold.

I’ve seen it in my dreams.

You’ve been gone for a century, it seems.

I watch the birds fly.

I wonder if that’s how your soul feels after you die.

Every night I pick out the brightest star.

It makes me think that’s where you are.

Perhaps the twinkle is you winking from afar.

I ask God to please take me where you are.

I might have to wait for a while but when I see you I’ll

have the biggest smile.



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Sunrise: Our Flag Still Waves

The American Flag Stands For Many.

It Stands For Integrity.

It Stands For Freedom.

It Stands For Protection of Other’s Rights

To Have Freedom of Religion.

Christianity Comes at a High Cost For Many.

God Help Those Who Serve

To Stand Firm And 

Stay Strong to Keep Terrorists Away.

You Will Never Be Forgotten.

You Are All Heroes To Me.

An Original Poem by Bonnie Gail Carter. Copyright.






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My Happily Ever After


I’ll Never Say Goodbye


I lived to Love you

so now that you’re gone

what do I do?

I listen to love songs wishing you was here.

My emotions are so real.

Why can’t I touch you

when I feel like you are here.

I still love you so much and I long for your touch.

I can feel you put your arm around me.

You give me a gentle hug

just to tell me I’m still your Love.

Time has separated us for now.

Each day that goes by I feel closer to you somehow.

No, I’ll never say goodbye

because my love for you is so high.

All I do is cry and and ask God why.

Why am I still in this world

knowing you are still beside me.

I know you’re here and that’s what makes it so hard, Dear.

My hand can’t feel you holding it,

My lips can’t feel your gentle kiss and

at bedtime there is no more Goodnight Sweetheart.

I loved you the most because of your gentle tenderness.

You had the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever known.

That’s why my love for everyone has grown.

You gave me something I’d never known.

You gave me True Love and for that I thank God above.

I sure do miss the sound of Turtle Doves.


An Original Bonnie Gail Carter Poem. Copyright.