Find The Smile In Your Eyes

Find The Smile In Your Eyes

My heart is heavy, burdened

because he closed the curtain on us.

It was the last act on the play on trust.

I don’t want to carry on, but I must.

It’s not my time to turn to dust.

My eyes are leaking and turning to rust.

Carry on and move forward, thrust.

Find the smile in your eyes

because you must.

Don’t let bitterness

turn into hardened crust.

by Bonnie Gail Carter. The Chill Turned Warm. Copyright 


A Poem by Bonnie Gail Carter

Where Are The Human Beings?

They just don’t see with their heart.

Somehow the center has been cut out.

An oil well pumping crude oil.

A black, cold, wet pit they understand.

A fat bank account is what matters.

Their hearts are black holes pumping crude oil.

They are all for outdoing each other

with all their money can buy.

When money springs, corruption sings.

My eyes see these things.

Where are the human beings?

by Bonnie Gail Carter

This poem is in my book of poems at createspace and the Kindle Book is at and Barnes & Nobel.

All proceeds from the book is going toward my goal to

Help The Forgotten Children in an Orphanage here in the US.

I was one of them!

Thank you for your support.