This site is going to be about my book Titled:  THE CHILL TURNED WARM: a book of poems by Bonnie Gail Carter. There will be additional poems by me and by others.

I will put my photos on this site. The photos in the header are mine. Copyright.

There will be quotes, some will be fun and/or serious and inspirational. Some will be about grief because I am grieving the loss of my True Love.   add another page.

There will be articles by me and by others. I will be storytelling also.

There will be discussion about children in a US orphanage. They are called: THE FORGOTTEN CHILDREN. I was one of them so I know a lot about how they think and feel. I also lived in Foster Homes as a teenager so it will be on this site also.

I will have Featured Images by myself and others. There will be videos and Donnie Townsend Music on this site. Donnie was my True Love. If anyone wants to contribute as a guest about something, they are welcome to do so.

Warning: There will be writing about child abandonment, child neglect, child abuse, and child molesting here. Some might be videos.

There could be a lot of other things on this site as well as those mentioned above.

“Don’t let the world take your smile away.” Quote by Bonnie Gail Carter


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